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Sound Kraft was established in 2011 by Nandraj Sisodia at Mumbai, India. Nandraj belongs to a family of musicians. He has been a Tabla player having received training at Sangit Mahabharati.

Along-with music, he pursued his academic career in electronics, being a Tabla player himself, he always wondered why the electronic digital Tabla units sounded so inferior.

In 2010, he decided to develop a digital Tabla units that sounded like the original Tabla and hence the musicians would enjoy practicing with it. It took 11 months and several prototypes to finally arrive at a product which was the best combination of sound quality, size, price, ease of operation, durability and utility.

It was named TAAL SANGAT, the digital Tanpura followed soon after and was named SWAR SANGAT. It gives us great pleasure in serving the Indian classical musicians all over the world.